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Start :: Auckland
– Currently PPD (Contact for details, interest, updates and availability)

Finish :: Christchurch – Currently PPD (Contact for details, interest, updates and availability)

Trip length – Max :: 16 days/15 nights :: Min 11 days/10 nights

About this Trip ::

For the past few years we have been working to put together a unique personalized group tour through New Zealand.

In creating something unique, we have been working on bringing you both the best of NZ’s can’t miss tourist route and blending it with places that we feel are more majestic and off the well-worn path.

While there are plenty of private tours to choose from; we feel the best way to explore NZ is with a sense of community within a small group of like minded travelers.

Many locations are not easy to get to. It may be possible to do this on your own and I’d encourage you to do so if the time is available; but it all comes down to how much time you have and knowing the right people that can get you there.

Often these destinations eluded me for years due to scheduling and time …. even with the copious amounts of time that I did possess, it still wasn’t easy and often took years and multiple visits. So most visitors always tend to miss much of this.

By organizing and pre-arranging the entire journey, we want to be at the right place at the right time; catching that perfect light (or darkness) for the most spectacular images, videos, or just the simple majesty of taking it all in. There will always be plenty of time for pints in the pub; but we prefer to be out in nature for those sunrises and sunsets instead.

So with all of that in mind, we organized a tour to accomplish all of this, in an expedited period of time. I wish we all had the six weeks to properly experience what NZ has to offer in full; but the reality is that most of us only can get away for a couple weeks at a time. So we condensed this complete tour starting from Auckland and ending in Christchurch into just over two weeks time. For those of you with less time, there is the option to shorten your trip to a minimum of 10 nights and 11 days. Please inquire for further details if this is the case.

Since we are squeezing so much into such a short period of time, we have made this trip as seamless and easy as possible so that you do not have to worry about accommodation, most activities and often meals. We want to take care of as much of the planning and preparation as possible; so that all you have to do is show up and hop on board and we take care of the rest.

Over the past 15+ years I have had the opportunity to work closely with many of the country’s top tour companies, guides, activities, and accommodation providers. By working closely with all of these partners on this tour, we have the best possible opportunity of making everything happen as scheduled and as planned.

Most importantly, all of this will be based around the backbone, structure, experience, knowledge and logistics of one of the best tour companies I’ve been privileged to have worked with time and time again. We will have one of the best veteran drivers and guides to ensure that we end up with the best possible product.

With decades of experience operating tours in the country, they are the ones to help make this journey possible and by partnering with them we have created our own unique tour to ensure that we focus on not just the most touristy and populated spots; but also the most scenic and photogenic locations that the country has to offer … even far off the well beaten tourist path.

We will always be at the mercy of the weather, road conditions, and natural occurrences beyond our control; so we need to remain flexible; but with these guides and drivers it will ensure we have the best possible opportunity to meet all of our goals.

This is not just a photo/video/social media tour. It is for anyone with a thirst for adventure and the exploration of a beautiful country, camera or not.

It is for anyone with an open mind looking to explore the country with an amazing group of people.

As we are focused on those epic photo locations though …

I highly encourage everyone to take a journey into the craft of photography and videography. I’d love to help and assist anybody involved in the image making craft, weather it be as a beginner or somebody who has been taking photographs for years.

I intend to bring everyone willing, to those epic image worthy locations and help you get there and get the shot.

And for those of you not too interested in any of that imagery nonsense, but just want to experience New Zealand with a great group of people and explore what we feel are the highlights of NZ, you also are most welcome to join. The trip will be entirely what you make of it … going on the photo excursions if you would like, and if not; heading to the local pub or getting involved in all the many other activities available at each location. Each location will have various options to either go on our photography missions or simply enjoy the scenery or participate in endless amounts of other types of activities that New Zealand is also famed for. The driver/guides will be there to help those that want to do other activities outside of the photographic ones.