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Minimum Tour Size: This tour requires a minimum of 10 passengers in order for the trip to proceed. Do not book any flights until bus departure has been confirmed. I will keep everyone informed of the status of the trip and notify everyone immediately once the minimum group requirements have been met.

Failure to meet a reserved departure: You must make your own way to the next destination. The tour will proceed as scheduled and any passenger missing the bus will need to make their own way to meet us at a future stop.

Minimum numbers: Ten passengers are needed to qualify the tour. When the quota is met, the trip will proceed. In circumstances where minimum numbers are not reached a full refund will be issued.

Tour Inclusions: Included accommodation and activities will be booked in association with your confirmed travel dates in accordance with the published itinerary. You cannot use activity or accommodation inclusions on any day other than that which is stated in the published itinerary. If you fail to redeem booked activity or accommodation inclusions, you will forfeit the inclusion and will not receive reimbursement.

Accommodation: Accommodation is included as specified in the itinerary. Should you choose to hop-off the bus, or to book alternative accommodation during the tour, you are responsible for additional costs associated with that accommodation. If you fail to redeem booked accommodation you will forfeit the inclusion and will not receive reimbursement. Trips do not include the last night’s accommodation in our final destination in Christchurch nor the first night in Auckland. Linen is provided free of charge at all overnight stops. Upgrades to a private room are limited but may be available upon request. En-suite rooms are not guaranteed with upgrades.  If booking an accommodation upgrade, please note that there are some exclusions: Doubtful Sound, Blue Duck Station and our homestays.

Itinerary changes: We may vary itineraries, activities and transport modes at our discretion – due to the nature of our product and the environment within which we operate. If a trip is cancelled due to an external event outside of our control (extreme weather, natural disaster, political unrest etc.) an alternative date will be offered or refunds will be given where available. Travel insurance is required to travel with us and customers should ensure their policy covers them for protection against unpredictable events.

Included: Transport, Guide, accommodation, activities and meals as specified in the itinerary. Meals are stipulated on your selected itinerary

Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is required for this tour to cover occurrences out of our control. We will be providing the transport, scheduling, accommodation, drivers and guides that will unsure us of the safest possible journey. Safety will be our highest priority and our driver/guides have been touring the country on this route for over 15 years and their commitment to our safety is paramount. Completing our journey on time and as scheduled is also of high priority and in similar fashion these guides will do the best they can to make sure all our plans are carried through. Once on tour we are all responsible for our own well being and care. Myself, the tour leaders, drivers, and bus company cannot be held responsible for any personal injury occurred on tour, so travel insurance is necessary.

Refunds or Cancellations: In the rare occurrence that one of our activities is not carried through, we will do whatever possible to retrieve all refunds and payments for said activity and return to you in full. We cannot guarantee a full refund, but we will make any and all attempts to make this happen. Most activities will offer refunds for any activity that is cancelled due to weather or natural occurrences.

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